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'Platinum K9' is the hallmark of quality that we proudly place on our Family Protection Dogs.

It is a benchmark that we set high, selecting puppies from proven and accredited breeders. It is maintained throughout each stage of our rigorous socialisation and training process.

Our team is professional, experienced, qualified and licensed. They are committed to provide our clients with healthy, physically impressive dogs that are trained specifically for the role and home they are intended.

Our Platinum hallmark extends in our commitment to deliver the best client support and service for the lifetime of each dog that bares our name.


We believe that every dog we supply is a self portrait of our team and we autograph our work with a stamp of excellence.

We endorse government advice that any dog owner is advised to supervise young children with any animal.

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-The Benchmark In Family Protection Dogs-

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About Us


The Platinum K9 Team is committed to quality. We strive on a daily basis to make the name on our Family Protection dogs collars synonymous with excellence.As a family-based and run business our spouses and children are a constant thread in the lives of every dog we select and train. Each dog is raised and trained within our family homes. The relationships they form on that part of their journey ensure we are providing well rounded, safe and loyal k9 companions that are devoted in love and protection.

We are professionally qualified, extremely experienced, insured and licensed.

Our Platinum K9 hallmark extends to the highest level of client support and care, from introduction, training, home visits, placement handover and beyond.

The integration of your Platinum K9 into your lives will be gradual and seamless. Your home environment, lifestyle and geographical location will be reflected in the bespoke training your family protection dog achieves.

Based in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside our facilities reflect the home and family orientation we value so highly in the dogs that attain the title Platinum K9.

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